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If this decision were based primarily on performance, our choice would be the WRX STI. It lags the Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track in horsepower (305 versus 348), but nearly matches it in torque (290 pounds-feet versus 295), and torque is what gets you off the line and back up to speed after a slow turn.


In addition, the WRX STI delivers its power through four wheels instead of just two, a benefit on dry roads as well as wet ones, and lets the driver select driving modes that alter the torque split front and rear, change how much the stability control intervenes and adjust the engine and throttle response. Big Brembo-brand brakes help bring it to a halt.

Aside from its engine, the rear-drive Genesis Coupe doesn't match the performance credentials, and our editors weren't sold on the 3.8 Track's handling ability on a race course.

But if we were choosing a daily driver, especially one in which we expected to spend a lot of time in heavy traffic, we would revisit the Genesis Coupe. It's the more accommodating inside (at least for the front seats), offers a choice of manual or automatic transmissions (the WRX STI is manual only), and it comes with a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, a nice perk for a car that invites spirited driving.

Though the WRX has a more usable rear seat and the cargo flexibility of a hatchback, it takes more of a bare-knuckles approach, so you'll have to live with a stiffer ride and more noise. If you're good with that, it's the better all-around performance car.

We've seen reports of zero-to-60 mph times for both cars in the 5.0- to 5.5-second range, though we don't know how much stress was inflicted to accomplish those times. We would say they are similar in acceleration, and we suggest that you don't lose sleep over a tenth of a second or two in making a decision. They're both plenty quick.

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Answered by Rick Popely on May 1, 2013 in Hyundai , Hyundai Genesis , I'm Just Wondering , Subaru , Subaru WRX | Permalink

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