Is the Toyota Camry much larger inside than the Toyota Corolla?

How much difference is there for a tall driver (6 feet 2 inches) between the Camry and Corolla? He fits in my Camry fine. Is there a difference in gas mileage?

Mona, Portland, Ore.

On paper, the Corolla looks just as roomy as the Camry in the front seats, at least at first glance. Overall, though, the midsize Camry is clearly the better choice for your 6-foot-2-inch friend than the compact Corolla.


Toyota says both cars have 38.8 inches of front headroom (without a sunroof, which steals about an inch of clearance), and the Corolla has a smidge more legroom, 41.7 inches compared with 41.6 inches. The Camry is more than 2 inches wider, and it provides more shoulder and hip room. Your chum might feel scrunched in the Corolla.

The rear seat is where the Camry is clearly larger than the snug-by-comparison Corolla. Overall, the Camry has 102.7 cubic feet of passenger space and 15.4 cubic feet of trunk room. The Corolla's passenger space is 92.1 cubic feet, and trunk volume is 12.3 cubic feet.

EPA ratings for the four-cylinder Camry and Corolla (both with automatic transmission) are almost a dead heat. The Camry's estimates are 25/35 mpg city/highway, and the Corolla's are 26/34. Despite being smaller and lighter, the Corolla's fuel economy is limited in part by a four-speed automatic transmission. The Camry has a six-speed automatic that helps boost the EPA ratings. Note that the Corolla will be redesigned for 2014 and will likely receive fuel-economy improvements.

The Compare feature can show you how the current Camry and Corolla stack up in other ways. We set up a compare for you, here.

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Answered by Rick Popely on May 24, 2013 in Toyota , Toyota Camry , What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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