Some do, some don't.

The Corvette's optional performance exhaust increases horsepower by 6 to 436 and torque by 4 to 428 pounds-feet. The performance exhaust costs $1,195, so that's about $200 per additional pony. It activates automatically as the driver presses harder on the accelerator and increases noise levels as well as power. We've talked to some Corvette owners who say it is too loud around town, and they resort to disabling it or installing an off switch.


On the Audi TT RS, a sport exhaust is part of a $2,700 Titanium Package that includes titanium wheels and trim. Normally, all the exhaust flows through the right-side tailpipe. Selecting a Sport mode opens a flap on the left tailpipe and increases exhaust noise. The Sport mode also activates performance-oriented throttle response and stiffens the adaptive suspension, but turning on the performance exhaust does not add power.

Porsche's sport exhaust is engaged by an interior switch and increases the sound level — considerably. Though it increases exhaust flow, Porsche does not claim any power increase.

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