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At least a couple dozen all-wheel-drive cars fall into those size categories, so you have many options to sort through. Among your choices are the Subaru Impreza, Legacy and Outback; Mitsubishi Lancer SE; Audi A3 and A4; Lexus IS 250/350; BMW 3 Series; Ford Fusion; Cadillac ATS and CTS; and the Acura TL, to name just some.


You should check our list of 2013 all-wheel-drive cars to see which ones fit your price range. While some of these cars are compact or midsize in dimensions, they have price tags that are more full size, such as the $41,700 Cadillac CTS and $43,675 Lexus IS 350. All prices include destination charges.

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Answered by Rick Popely on March 22, 2013 in All-wheel drive , What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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