Most cars are low to the ground (six inches of ground clearance or less) and seat at least four, so we wish you would have shared more information about what you’re looking for and why.


We could list dozens of cars that fit that description, but we will provide a handful of popular models to give you an idea: Honda Accord, 5.8 inches; Hyundai Sonata, 5.5 inches; Nissan Altima 5.4 inches; and Toyota Prius, 5.3 inches. In comparison, crossover SUVs are more elevated. Ground clearance on the Subaru Forester is 8.7 inches, for example, and on the Toyota Highlander, it’s 8.0 inches.

All the cars listed above are technically five-passenger models, but most adults wouldn’t want to inhabit the middle position in the rear seat. For practical purposes, think of them as four-seaters. Most cars fall into that category: They have seat belts for five but adult-size space for only four.

Ground clearance is one of the specifications that provides for individual models in the Research section. Click on the Features & Specs tab and then click on Specifications (it will ask you to choose a specific model). You will have to scroll well down into the data to find ground clearance.

That alone may not tell you all you need to know because seat height often is a factor in how easy it is to get in or out of a vehicle. That is something you will need to check in person if that is an issue.

If you still need help, please get back to us with more information about your needs or desires.

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Answered by Rick Popely on February 19, 2013 in What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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