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If you’re wondering whether your current vehicle has adaptive cruise control, it should be obvious. If it isn’t, then you probably don’t.


Adaptive cruise control will automatically slow or accelerate the vehicle’s speed to maintain a preset distance from the vehicle in front of you. You not only have to turn on the cruise control system, but you have to activate the adaptive feature and select a distance that you want maintained, such as near, medium or far.

In addition to the typical cruise control switches (on/off, set, cancel, etc.), there should be at least one additional switch for activating the adaptive feature and adjusting the distance from vehicles ahead. If you’re still in doubt about whether your vehicle has it, look in your owner’s manual. If it was available, information on how to use it will be included.

If you’re thinking of buying a vehicle that has adaptive cruise control, ask for a demonstration and test it yourself on the road. Though some sing the praises of adaptive cruise control, it’s a little spooky at first to have the car slow or accelerate on its own. On the other hand, instead of relying on electronics to control your car, you could do it yourself by reducing your speed or temporarily canceling cruise control — or just accelerating around the vehicle in front of you. That gives you something to do while cruising on an interstate.

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