The Smart ForTwo is the reigning champion in the featherweight division, with the base Pure coupe weighing in at 1,808 pounds. It’s also the shortest in overall length, measuring just 106.1 inches bumper to bumper.


In contrast, the Scion iQ weighs 2,127 pounds and is 120.1 inches long. The Fiat 500 overshadows both with a base curb weight of 2,363 pounds and overall length of 139.6 inches.

Tougher safety regulations and more generous helpings of standard equipment (such as air conditioning, power windows and locks) have added weight to small cars over the years. For example, cars that weighed less than 2,000 pounds were more common in the 1993 model year and included the Geo Metro (1,650 pounds), Ford Festiva (1,797) and Subaru Justy (1,845), among others.

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