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Unless you would frequently haul messy cargo — such as piles of mulch or dirt bikes or large items like refrigerators and queen-size beds — we would go with an SUV for a family vehicle for four people.


A crew-cab pickup will have sufficient interior space for your brood and some of their stuff, but when you go on a family vacation or head to grandma’s for Thanksgiving, you could be forced to haul things in the cargo bed, which isn’t always ideal. Of course, you could buy a cap or cover for the cargo bed, but that will reduce the capacity and limit what you can carry.

Pickups are great when you need a beast of burden, especially for dirty jobs, but for family use we prefer a fully enclosed cargo area that keeps your belongings out of the weather and largely out of sight from prying eyes. An SUV will probably be able to perform most of your hauling needs while being the more practical choice as a family vehicle.

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Answered by Rick Popely on October 3, 2012 in I'm Just Wondering | Permalink

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