Which SUVs are easy to get into?

Which crossovers or small SUVs are best for older people who have trouble getting into the higher seats of many crossovers or SUVs?

Kerry M., St. Louis

High ground clearance is part of the SUV look, so crossovers tend to have it more than cars, which typically have less than 6 inches of ground clearance. Frequently, crossovers have at least 7.5 inches of clearance.


Some crossovers still come close to the ground clearance of cars, including the Honda CR-V (6.3 inches with front-wheel drive and 6.7 with all-wheel drive), Hyundai Tucson (6.7 inches), Kia Sportage (6.8), Nissan Juke (7.0) and Dodge Journey (7.2). Others may also have similar clearance, so you should the specifications that are provided for individual models in the Cars.com Research section.

Ground clearance may only be part of the story when it comes to getting in or out of an SUV because the seats themselves may be positioned higher in some vehicles. You and your most frequent passengers should check out some of these vehicles in person to see how easy (or difficult) entry and exit are for you.

If you want the room and flexibility of an SUV but not the ride height, you might also check out some of the “box cars,” such as the Kia Soul, Nissan Cube and Scion xD, which are lower to the ground. A minivan also could be an alternative because it will have a lower ride height than most SUVs with the convenience of sliding side doors.

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