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Auto manufacturers that sell perforated leather claim that all those little holes in the upholstery allow airflow that makes the seats more comfortable in hot weather, especially when skin comes in contact with the leather. Although some owners of perforated leather seats rave that they are more comfortable, supposedly because they can “breathe,” we’re not sure that’s because of the holes or because it’s higher-quality leather than the regular stuff.


Perforated leather allows adding cooling or ventilation to the seats, so that is a key difference. You can heat seats with regular leather, but you need perforation to cool them. One downside to perforated leather we’re aware of is that dirt, errant bits of potato chips and cookies, and other assorted crud that accumulates in car interiors will find comfortable resting places in those little holes, and it’s not easy to clean that stuff out.

We aren’t leather experts, but the perforated kind often looks better and might elicit admiring comments such as, “Ooh, you have perforated leather.” The bottom line, though, is whether it looks or feels better to you.

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Answered by Rick Popely on September 16, 2012 in I'm Just Wondering | Permalink

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