What is the smoothest riding car?

I heard that cars like Kia Amanti and Buick LaCrosse were very good.

Erich C. B., Winter Park, Fla.

Yes, the Kia Amanti (discontinued after 2009), did have good ride comfort, and the still-available Buick LaCrosse still does. Some high-roller cars also ride comfortably (Rolls-Royce comes to mind), but based on the ones you mentioned we’ll keep our suggestions under $40,000.


Among others that should provide a comfortable ride are the Chrysler 200, the Ford Taurus, the Toyota Avalon and the Toyota Camry. All of those are midsize or larger, but you could add the Buick Verano, a compact sedan, to your list because of its absorbent suspension.

As you shop and hopefully test-drive different cars, we suggest you pay close attention to the tires on the ones you drive. Tires can make a big difference in ride quality, and in some cases ride comfort can suffer on more-expensive models with larger, performance-tread tires. The Camry is a good example, as explained in our review of the redesigned 2012 lineup. The V-6 SE model has 18-inch tires (compared with 17-inchers on other models), which, along with a firmer suspension, diminishes ride quality.

Before you venture into showrooms, you should spend some time in the Cars.com Advice section learning more about what to look for in tires.

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Answered by Rick Popely on September 8, 2012 in What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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