Think inside the box, and tall as well as small, with cars such as the Kia Soul, Nissan Cube and Scion xB.

These box-shaped cars are aimed at younger buyers, but they also hit the mark with “more experienced” drivers who appreciate the easier entry and exit they provide compared with most cars because of their upright styling and tall doorways. All of the above have compact exterior dimensions but roomy, flexible interiors, and they are five or more inches taller than most cars, so you don’t have to bend like a pretzel to get into the front seats.


If you’re OK with buying a used car, the Chevrolet HHR and Honda Element (both discontinued after 2011) also would be good choices. Honda billed the Element as a dorm room on wheels for 20-something jocks, but their grandparents were more interested because of the easy entry/exit and roomy interior.

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Answered by Rick Popely on August 13, 2012 in What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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