What does gross weight mean?

And what is the gross weight of a Jeep Patriot?

Peggy Barry, St. Louis

Gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, is the weight of the vehicle, all installed optional equipment and what it can carry in passengers and/or cargo. GVWR is typically listed for pickups and truck-based SUVs, though some manufacturers also provide it for car-based vehicles.


The Jeep Patriot’s GVWR is 4,435 pounds for front-drive versions and 4,575 pounds for four-wheel-drive models. To determine how much weight you can safely carry in people and cargo, you can subtract the weight of the Patriot (3,111 to 3,346 pounds, depending on model) from the GVWR. However, the published vehicle weights are for base models with standard equipment. Adding options — such as an automatic transmission, sunroof, larger wheels and tires or moving up to a higher-priced model that has those features and more — can add a significant amount of weight.

To be safe about how much weight a vehicle can carry, look for a placard mounted in the driver-side doorjamb that lists tire sizes, inflation pressures and the payload (or carrying capacity). Also remember that the maximum payload is with the tires inflated to recommended levels. Underinflated tires have less load-carrying capacity and will run hotter and wear faster.

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