Which hatchbacks get the best gas mileage?

Which gasoline-only four-door hatchbacks are the most fuel efficient?

Spiro, Okla.

The Ford Fiesta ranks up there among gasoline-only hatchbacks with EPA ratings of 29 mpg in the city, 40 mpg city on the highway and a combined 33 mpg. There is one catch: Only SE Fiestas with the optional Super Fuel Economy (SFE) package ($395) and automatic transmission ($1,095) are rated at 40 mpg.

That shouldn’t be a huge drawback because even non-SFE models with an automatic transmission rate well at 29/38 mpg city/highway and 33 mpg combined. When we tested a Fiesta hatchback in a Mileage Challenge, an automatic-equipped SES trim maxed out at 37.2 mpg on the second leg, according to the trip computer.


Other four-door hatchbacks with similar mileage ratings include the 2011 Toyota Yaris (29/36 mpg with a manual transmission), 2011 Honda Fit (28/35 mpg with an automatic) and 2011 Kia Rio5 (28/34 mpg with a manual). The Fit was tested alongside the Fiesta in the previously mentioned Mileage Challenge, achieving 34.5 mpg on the same leg.

By eliminating hybrid and diesel options, you shut the door on hatchbacks like the Toyota Prius with 50 mpg combined; the 41-mpg-combined Honda Insight; and the Volkswagen Golf diesel, rated at 34 mpg combined. We also can’t leave out the plug-in, extended-range Chevrolet Volt, whose gasoline-only ratings are 35/40 mpg; electric-only ratings are 95/90 mpg, according to the EPA.

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Answered by Joe Bruzek on February 8, 2011 | Permalink

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