What are exterior locking buttons for keyless entry?

On the 2011 Toyota Prius IV, what are the "exterior locking buttons for keyless entry"? I've seen many photos yet see nothing on the exterior that might give me a clue.

Tom, Kihei, Hawaii

Take a close look at the front door handles and hatchback release on the Prius, and you’ll see indentations that look like hash marks. These indentations will lock the doors when you touch them, so you don’t have to use the key fob. Grabbing the inside of the door handles automatically unlocks the doors. Previous versions of the Prius had a black button that performed this task, as do many other cars on the market.


This feature is part of Toyota’s SmartKey system, which includes push-button engine start, and it is standard on all retail Prius models. On the Prius II and III, the lock/unlock feature is on the driver’s door, and on the Prius IV and V, it is also on the front passenger door and hatchback.

If you move up to more expensive luxury cars, like many Mercedes-Benz models, the doors unlock after sensing your hand about to grab the handle.

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Answered by Rick Popely on January 8, 2011 in Green/Hybrid Cars , Toyota , Toyota Prius | Permalink

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