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Your one and only choice is the 2011 Toyota Sienna. As the number of minivans on the market has dwindled, so has the availability of all-wheel drive. Chrysler had offered all-wheel drive on the Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan, but it stopped after 2004 because of low demand. General Motors offered all-wheel drive on minivans such as the Chevrolet Uplander and Saturn Relay, but now GM is out of the minivan market entirely (as is Ford).


Most consumers who want a people mover and all-wheel drive will opt for an SUV or crossover (partly because there are few alternatives), so the all-wheel-drive minivan has become a novelty.

If the lack of all-wheel drive isn’t a deal-killer, you should also consider the Town & Country, Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona — front-drive minivans that come with traction control, which can help get you going in slippery conditions, and stability control, which can keep you pointed in the right direction if you start to skid. A redesigned 2011 Nissan Quest will be avaialable in early 2011, though it won't come with all-wheel drive.

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Answered by Rick Popely on November 20, 2010 in All-wheel drive , Toyota | Permalink

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