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The price difference between an F-150 Lariat and a Platinum model is $6,655. That’s the cost of the Platinum Package available only on the Lariat SuperCrew (not the lower-priced Lariat SuperCab). That adds up to a starting price of $43,125 for the Platinum versus $36,470 for the Lariat SuperCrew.

What do you get besides bragging rights for the most expensive pickup on your block? A lot of unique trim and features that are either optional or not available on the Lariat. Among them are unique stitching and embroidered logos for the leather upholstery; heated and cooled front seats; a memory system for the driver’s seat, outside mirrors, steering wheel and power pedals; a power-sliding rear window; power running boards; a Sony sound system; and 20-inch aluminum wheels.

You can find prices for both models and options in the Cars.com Research section. Prices are for 2010 models, as Ford won’t roll out the 2011 versions until late fall.

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Answered by Rick Popely on October 1, 2010 in Ford , Ford F-150 | Permalink

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