What are the cost and features of the Technology Package on the 2010 Nissan Altima?

I was not aware that some of the features on the 2010 Nissan 3.5 SR Altima with Technology Package require a paid subscription. What is the estimated cost, features and the frequency of the payment to maintain those features?


Altima 3.5 SR models with the Technology Package come with XM satellite-ready radios, and Nissan says you are entitled to a free three-month trial subscription, but you have to register with XM to activate the service. After that, you will have to buy the service through XM.


XM’s basic satellite radio service costs $12.95 per month, and traffic and weather services (which your car is equipped to receive) are available separately for $9.95 per month each or together with radio service for $19.95. You also may have to pay an activation fee. XM may cut you a better deal if you plead poverty or agree to a long-term contract, so don’t jump at the first offer.  More information is available at www.xmradio.com or by calling 800-967-2346.

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Answered by Rick Popely on August 26, 2010 in Nissan | Permalink

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