What's the definition of "keyless remote entry"?

If it's a key fob, are all vehicles with remotes considered to have keyless remote entry?

Lorne S., Birmingham, Ala.

Remote keyless entry is a system that allows you to lock and unlock doors by pressing a button on a key or fob and then using an ignition key to start the engine.

You seem to be asking about the passive (or “smart”) systems that automatically transmit a signal when the driver gets close to the vehicle to unlock the doors and disable the theft-deterrent systems. All major manufacturers now offer them. Some require touching a door handle to unlock doors; most allow the driver to start the engine by pushing a dashboard button or turning the ignition switch without using a key, and some allow remote starting.


Some view the system as another sign of the apocalypse because it makes us more dependent on electronics and adds complexity to cars, but it allows drivers to keep their high-tech “key” in a pocket or purse, reducing the chances of losing it. If you’ve ever had to fumble for a key during a downpour or while holding an armload of groceries or a squirming child, you’ll probably appreciate the convenience.

But if you have to replace one, plan on spending at least $200, probably more, and you could pay steep additional charges for programming the car’s computers to recognize the new smart key. And before you walk away from your vehicle, you have to remember to turn the engine off with the dashboard button or keyless ignition switch.

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Answered by Rick Popely on April 16, 2010 in How Does That Work? , I'm Just Wondering | Permalink

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