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For long drives, you’re almost better off finding an SUV with the most comfortable seats. Comfort varies from person to person, but some of our editors favor the seat comfort in the 2010 Honda CR-V compared with other cars. On the other hand, the most recent models of the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner we tested had very comfort-focused ride quality that the sporty CR-V lacks.

The Escape has the lowest entry-level price at $21,020 with manual transmission. The Honda CR-V starts at $21,545 with standard automatic transmission. Take note that up to $1,250 cash back is available for the Escape in some regions, and that offer could help make up for the automatic that’s part of a $1,210 package.


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Answered by Joe Bruzek on April 29, 2010 in Ford , Ford Escape , Honda , Honda CR-V , Mercury , Mercury Mariner | Permalink

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