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Honda uses two tire suppliers for the CR-V, Bridgestone and Continental, so it could come with either. Honda specifies one size and type of tire for all CR-V models, a 225/65R17 all-season tire with a load rating of 102 (1,874 pounds at maximum inflation pressure) and a test speed rating of T (118 mph).


Although those tires are not among the biggest or most expensive available on smaller SUVs, they won’t be cheap to replace. One national tire dealer offers several brands of tires that meet Honda’s specifications in prices ranging from $118 to $192 per tire, not including mounting, balancing, disposal fees and taxes. Shoppers considering other vehicles that offer larger, more expensive tires either as standard or optional should look at replacement cost before deciding that bigger is better.

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Answered by Rick Popely on March 26, 2010 in Honda , Honda CR-V | Permalink

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