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The GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Traverse are sibling vehicles that share many mechanics and have their main differences in styling. The entry-level Acadia is priced slightly higher and has more standard equipment compared with a base Traverse. 2010_traverse
Going with the Acadia will get you an overhead console, trip computer, LED brake lights, heated mirrors and 18-inch wheels standard. The Traverse starts at $29,224, while the Acadia is $31,740. Both prices do not include destination charges.

Our editors think interior quality is fairly similar between them, even though the Acadia is more expensive. The Traverse is a more recent introduction, which was new for 2009, compared with the Acadia hitting the market for the 2007 model year.  

You can review the specs of these two using our side-by-side comparison tool. We’ve set up entry-level versions of both vehicles for you, here2010_gmc_acadia
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Answered by Joe Bruzek on February 22, 2010 in Chevrolet , GMC , What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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