When will the 2011 Toyota Sienna be released?

I've seen conflicting estimates ranging from January to late summer 2010. Also, what will be new in the minivan?

Sanjay S., Bartlett, Ill.

The all-new 2011 Toyota Sienna is scheduled to arrive at dealerships in February 2010.

For 2011, the Sienna has been significantly reworked on the inside and out. Sienna base and LE models now have a standard four-cylinder engine for better gas mileage; a six-cylinder is available. Gas mileage estimates are 19/26 mpg city/highway for the four-cylinder, 18/24 mpg for the six-cylinder.2011sienna

Many will be happy to hear all-wheel drive is still an option, which makes the Sienna, once again, the only new minivan with the feature. Gas mileage is 16/22 mpg when the six-cylinder is teamed with all-wheel drive; all-wheel drive isn’t available with the four-cylinder.

Many comfort, convenience and cargo features are added for 2011. There’s an available, second-row widescreen display that can act as one large screen or split into two screens for the viewing of two individual inputs, like a video game on the left and DVD on the right. Reclining second-row seats are a new feature, as is the SE sports package trim level.2011siennaseat 2011siennascreen

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