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The 2009 Element’s LX and EX trims are similar in appearance, with the differences being mostly interior features. Going from the $20,275 LX to the $22,385 EX gets you an upgraded stereo with an auxiliary input jack, a center console cooler, a rear 12V power outlet, water-resistant fabric on the front and rear seats and the option of adding a navigation system, which isn’t available on the base LX. Also added are 16-inch alloy wheels.

The $23,270 SC “Street Custom” is very different from the LX and EX; it’s geared toward buyers looking for a little extra style. It features an exterior and interior appearance package, 18-inch wheels, a lowered ride height with a sport suspension, a monochromatic paint scheme, copper-colored interior lighting and unique fabric design.


One of the Element’s trademarks is its urethane, hard-plastic floor that’s easily cleanable and suited for weekend adventurers. The LX and EX models make use of the utility floor, but the SC replaces the plastic with carpet in the first and second rows. The cargo area behind the second row is still plastic, however.

All-wheel drive is also available on LX and EX models, while the SC is only front-wheel drive. AWD is $1,200 extra on the LX and $400 extra on the EX.

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Answered by Joe Bruzek on January 2, 2009 in I'm Just Wondering , What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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