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The most recent introduction of a front-wheel-drive, domestic-branded full-size luxury car is the 2009 Lincoln MKS. Others include the Cadillac DTS and the Buick Lucerne, but the MKS is a fresh option in this particular segment with bolder styling than its competitors. senior editor David Thomas writes in his review of the MKS:

“The all-new MKS is the closest the brand has come to delivering a top-class vehicle, and it gives sedan shoppers a reason to enter a Lincoln showroom.

“There are a number of areas where the MKS excels, including its spacious interior, sleek looks, technology features and overall value. Its biggest drawback is that it doesn't ride like any big Lincoln sedan we've driven recently, which means the word "cushy" will not come into play for the rest of this review. That may turn off loyal buyers, without a significant-enough performance benefit added to draw in enthusiasts.”

The Lucerne and DTS do have some overlapping appeal, and senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder compares the two cars in his review of the 2009 Buick Lucerne:

“When it made its debut in 2006, the Lucerne was a Cadillac DTS at a 38 percent discount. Today's base Lucerne CX likewise costs about 35 percent less than the cheapest DTS. At that price it has the Caddy's roomy accommodations and relatively quiet cabin along with a 3.8-liter V-6 engine and interior quality that's on the high side, if not to the level of a Cadillac. You can also get a better-equipped Lucerne CXL for $29,920, or upgrade to the CXL Special Edition if you want the Cadillac's base 275-horsepower, 4.6-liter Northstar V-8, for $33,435. Now, though, the Lucerne Super gives Buick buyers the DTS' higher-output engine: a 292-hp version of the Northstar V-8. I just tested this version, and though I usually leave value determinations to the varied perspectives of individual car shoppers, I'm tempted to rename it the Lucerne Super-Overpriced.” 

The pricing for all three base models is below, and currently you’ll be able to find big money off on the Cadillac and Buick for GM’s Red Tag sale. The Lincoln also has a $1,000 cash-back rebate in your area.

2009 Lincoln MKS
MSRP: $37,665
Total cash back: $1,000
Final price: $36,665

2009 Cadillac DTS 1SA
MSRP: $46,320
Red Tag Price: $44,047.32
Total cash back: $2,000
Final price: $42,047.32

2009 Buick Lucerne CX 1CX
MSRP: $30,030
Red Tag Price: $28,931.89
Total cash back: $1,000
Final Price: $27,931.89

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Answered by Joe Bruzek on November 19, 2008 in What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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