HomeLink is a type of universal remote control built into cars that can be programmed to open garage doors, powered gates and other radio-controlled systems.

HomeLink, a system many automakers license from Johnson Controls Inc., appears as three small buttons, typically on the driver’s sun visor or overhead console, as shown in the photo of a Ford Excursion. Similar to a “learning” remote control that copies the command codes for your TV, VCR and so on, HomeLink can be programmed to serve as your garage door opener (or openers) and to activate most other remote-controlled devices around a home that operate on radio frequencies — such as perimeter gates or security systems.


One advantage is the same as in the TV example: Three clunky remotes in the car are reduced to three diminutive buttons. Additionally, any vehicle with HomeLink can be programmed simply from the same transmitter, saving the owner the cost and/or hassle of buying, say, a garage door opener for each car in the family motor pool.

Information for this was taken from the Cars.com’s glossary, written by Joe Wiesenfelder.

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Answered by Joe Bruzek on September 10, 2008 in Glossary | Permalink

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