What do they mean by the word “trim”?

I'm asked to choose what trim when wanting information, and what do the initials mean?

Hunting a hatchback, Peoria, Ill.

Trim levels are prevalent on just about all cars and are a designation of the features and standard equipment on a car. Some common examples of trim designations include LX, SE, EX, GT, etc.  Cars with base trim levels have minimal equipment and entry-level prices; a step up in trim level includes more options and standard features along with a price increase.

On the 2008 Mazda3 hatchback, for example, the s Sport is an entry trim level and costs $18,025. The s Sport doesn’t have an electronic stability system. But if you bump up to the s Touring, the next trim level, that feature comes with the car, plus an upgraded stereo, for an increased price of $18,525. Go one step higher and s Grand Touring trims have even more features and a higher price.

Each automaker has its own way of denoting trim levels, but some are more cryptic than others. To find the available trim levels, including prices and standard features, you can use the Cars.com research section and the “Standard Equipment and Specs” category, which is located on the left rail when you research a vehicle.

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