Which SUVs or minivans have easy access to the third row?

Which SUVs or minivans have second-row seating designed such that someone can easily access the third row without having to remove either of two car seats in the second row (i.e. captain’s chairs or chairs that slide without affecting car-seat installation)?

The majority of minivans, larger SUVs and crossover SUVs have the option of captain’s chairs, which are great for getting straight to the third row. Below are some examples:



Full-Size SUVs

There is an alternative on a few select models if you don’t want dedicated captain’s chairs or a full-size SUV: The Honda Odyssey minivan and Toyota Highlander crossover SUV have unique second rows with a removable center section. The center section on each can act as a seat, but also folds away when not needed. With the center section removed or folded down, there’s a path to the third row. With the seat up or the section replaced, there’s room for one more passenger. This feature is standard on entry-level Highlander models but only available on the higher trim EX and EX-L Odysseys.

Our friends at Mother Proof have tested the 2008 Toyota Highlander; in her review, Colette Fischer had this to say: “Listen up, Mamas: The second row comes with an extremely groovy feature. It can be converted from a three-seat row into two captain’s chairs, with the removable middle seat storing neatly into the rear of the center console.”

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