Which Japanese sedans have all-wheel drive?

Is the 2008 Honda Accord all-wheel drive?  Which Japanese sedans have all-wheel drive?

Hector A., Toledo, Ohio

Nope, the 2008 Honda Accord is only front-wheel drive; there isn’t an AWD model. In fact, there aren’t too many midsize AWD Japanese cars available. The 2007 Mazdaspeed6 and 2008 Subaru Legacy fit the requirements, but the Mazdaspeed6 was discontinued for 2008.

The Legacy is still around for 2008, though, and receives a mild exterior restyle along with a new six-cylinder engine in the 3.0 R Limited model. The Legacy starts at $20,495 for the base 2.5i and ramps up to $33,995 for the sportier — and heavily-optioned — 2.5 GT Spec. B. You can get a Legacy with a range of manual or automatic transmissions.

If you step up into the $35,000-plus category, you’ll find the Acura RL, Lexus GS and Infiniti G35x with AWD.

There are many more Japanese sedans with AWD — we'll get a list up shortly — but since the original question was about the Accord, we first recommended sedans comparable to the Accord.

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Answered by Joe Bruzek on January 23, 2008 in What Car Should I Buy? | Permalink

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