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Truck cab configurations play a large part in driving us crazy each new model year, given each truck seemingly has 120 different flippin’ configurations to dig through. You called out Dodge’s naming convention, the Club Cab and Quad Cab, which refer to the truck’s cab size and number of doors.

As a whole, there are three basic cab configurations. First is the standard cab, which typically has a bench seat and two traditional doors. You won’t find any special names, like Club Cab or Quad Cab, for this utilitarian setup, but you will for the other two. Up second is an extended cab version that has two traditional full-sized doors and two mini doors. Lastly is the four-door cab configuration that has four regular-sized doors.

Each automaker calls its cab setups a different name, and it’s confusing as heck for us to remember every one. For example, one truckmaker has a name for its mini-door model, then uses that same name on a larger truck to describe the full-size four-door model. How goofy is that? Toyota, I’m looking your way.

We’re sure it can also be mystifying for you, the consumer, so we’ll do our best to straighten out the mess. If it’s not mystifying to you, we’re currently accepting applications.

Now, here’s a basic rundown on what each truckmaker calls its cab configurations:






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Answered by Joe Bruzek on October 10, 2007 in I'm Just Wondering , What Does This Mean? | Permalink

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