What AWD sedan has high ground clearance?

I am looking for an AWD sedan with high ground clearance. I currently own a 2002 Subaru Outback sedan and would like to replace it, but Subaru no longer makes the Outback in a sedan model. Can you suggest other makes and models?

Daniel G., Keene, N.H.

You’re right about there not being an Outback sedan for 2008, but you can keep it in the family if you want by looking at the 2008 Legacy. The current Legacy and Outback are similar in construction, and for 2008 the Legacy will only be a sedan and the Outback will only be a wagon. This is in contrast to previous years, when they both had wagon and sedan models.

The 2008 Legacy has less ground clearance than the 2008 Outback (5.9 inches compared to 8.4 inches), and less than your 2002’s 8.2 inches of clearance. If ground clearance is crucial, we found a few new 2007 Outback sedans in our national inventory — with the tall clearance — so if you jump on a deal soon enough you may be able to snatch an `07.

Other AWD sedans in this price range include the VW Passat and Suzuki SX4 Sport that have 5.2 and 6.3 inches of ground clearance, respectively. All-wheel drive sedans don’t exactly aim at having impressive ground clearance, so if you live in an area that requires extra inches between you and the ground, you may want to step up to a small SUV or wagon.

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