What are some cheap seven passenger vehicles?

I am looking for non-minivans. So far I have found the Suzuki XL7, but what else is comparable?

Jeff H.

Ah, yes, the good old “There’s no way I’m driving a minivan” statement. We get that frequently when people are looking for a family-hauler that exudes more visual appeal than a pinto bean. We even say it ourselves.

The small and midsize crossover SUV segments are where you’re going to see cars that combine seating for more than five with an easy-to-digest price. These include the Suzuki XL7, Kia Rondo, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mazda5 (though it only seats six) and Toyota RAV4. Except for the Mazda5, which has standard six-passenger seating, all of the aforementioned vehicles have an optional third row that gives them capacity to carry more than five people. When equipped with the third row, however, these vehicles are still priced under $25,000.

What’s true about all of these crossovers’ third rows is that any regular-size adult should learn to deal with numb legs and an associated painful tickly-needle feeling if they draw the short straw and have to sit in back, which should be left for smaller kids and groceries.

As well as our usual list of Cars.com reviews below, there are also reviews from our family-friendly partner, Mother Proof, that focus on how well these rides stack up to family duty.

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