Where do I buy a Smart car?

 I am interested in purchasing a Smart car but I don't know how or where to get one. I would like to be on the list for a 2008 model.

Saundi H.

Update: Smart has announced its dealer program and the ForTwo is now available for purchase in the U.S. See www.smartusa.com for a list of Smart dealerships.

The U.S. division of Smart is searching for dealerships worthy to sell its ForTwo model, which is scheduled to hit showroom floors in early 2008 as a coupe and convertible (called the Cabrio). The dealer list will be announced on Smart’s U.S. site, www.smartusa.com, but as of now no dealers have been announced.

While there aren’t any official dealers, you can reserve a Smart model on the company’s website with a $99 deposit. As of last month, 12,600 people had already done just that. The $99 will be applied toward the vehicle’s purchase price. If you’re worried about dropping a hundred bucks on a car you’ve never seen or driven, Smart is touring the U.S. offering test drives of the latest European-spec ForTwo. The tour visits about 50 cities; a list of stops can be found on Smart’s U.S. site.

Smart cars are popular in Europe, and the tiny 40-mpg-plus gasoline ForTwo in the U.S. will start under $12,000 for the coupe and $17,000 for the convertible, according to Smart.

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Answered by Joe Bruzek on June 13, 2007 in I'm Just Wondering | Permalink

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