What does a carburetor do?

What does a carburetor do and does my car have one? It’s a Dodge Caliber.

Doose,Palatine, Ill.

Carburetors have been extinct on new cars since the early 1990s, so no, your Caliber doesn’t have one.

A carburetor used to sit on top of an engine and was a mechanical device used to mix the air and fuel needed for an engine to run. Its shortcomings were poor gas mileage, high emission levels and the inability to adjust for extreme outside temperatures; they had an especially hard time starting an engine in cold weather.

The carburetor’s replacement is the modern electronic fuel-injection system, which surpasses the carburetor in every way as a more efficient way to control your engine’s air and fuel mixture, thus improving gas mileage, emissions and drivability in any temperature. Carburetors have the ability to make lots of power on a hot-rodded engine, so they’re still popular with horsepower junkies and performance enthusiasts, but for new cars they’re long gone.

Answered by Joe Bruzek on May 17, 2007 in How Does That Work? | Permalink

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